Proposed Community Hub   
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Update from 2022
The report for the Council meeting on 24 February 2022 states:

5.5 Options for the delivery of the Milngavie Community Hub have been paused as a result of the global pandemic. The £4m budget for the project remains allocated in future years of the programme

When the process is revisited, MCC anticipates that the MCC Hub Subgroup will reconvene and will lodge a Participation Request. This should ensure that the Milngavie community is fully involved in the development of potential options from the outset, not simply consulted at a late stage after detailed proposals have already been worked out.

The MCC Hub Subgroup was formed with representatives from MCC, MCDT (Milngavie Community Development Trust) and the CFUA (Community Facilities User Group, Bearsden and Milngavie - a group convened in response to the threats posed by the Council’s proposed options for a Hub). The Subgroup worked together in the autumn of 2019 to produce a comprehensive response to the Council’s consultation on its proposals. The pandemic intervened before the Council had reported back on this consultation.

The Hub Subgroup response is a compilation of contributions from members of MCC, MCDT and CFUA, can be seen here

Update from 2019
Following 2 years of silence on the subject of the Milngavie Hub, East Dunbartonshire Council presented 2 proposals for the Milngavie's Community Hub over three sessions on 26th June, 2019. The two options presented describe alternate plans for the redevelopment of the town hall site and the transfer of facilities from the CE centre (Library site) to the new building.
MCC have formed a sub group to formulate our response to the proposals with concerns based on loss of accommodation for local community groups and the removal of a high quality landscape amenity area for access by the public. MCC have had several Executive meetings and a meeting with CE Centre User Group to discuss the way forward and in parallel we have requested an extension to the consultation period to allow professional assistance from experts and feedback from Community Groups.

Update from 2017
The stated purpose of the hub was to "make it easier for residents to access and get information about a variety of different Council services and make payments for them in just one visit".

The three original possible locations were the Town Hall and Art Gallery, the Library and Community Education Centre, and the Fraser Centre.


In 2017 A sub-group of MCC collected thoughts from members and others about the proposed hub, but these were limited in scope because it was not known what services the Council intends to include. A report on these preliminary thoughts was submitted to the Council in August 2017, and can be downloaded here »

A senior council officer has assured the community that it would be consulted "from the outset" . This has yet to happen, but (in September 2017) Milngavie Community Council understands it to be imminent.